THE GARDEN - In Your Own World...

Welcome to the garden...
With all trees swaying in the wind...
Your hair is now blowing in the cool breeze...
Feel and hold that moment...
Forever in your heart

Welcome to the garden...
Of forever spreading fields... Walk on and on...
For miles if you care...
As the wind blows through your hair...

Welcome to the garden...
With forever roses, all colours if you wish...
Though cold.... Forever warm and peaceful in you heart...
Stay patient in deep, long, hard winters
For nature is always here for you...

Welcome to the garden...
For comfort is always found there... Alone, away from all...
You are now in your own world...
So let it out... If you must...
All the frustration... clostrothobia...

Welcome to the garden...
Where everything is open, free
And always warm and peaceful...
Within your heart...


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It's May, It's May
What a lovely, lovely day
W+here the sun is beaming
The grass is shining.
The deep blue sky uses its magical spell.
Filling happiness upon human souls.

It's May, It's May
What a lovely, lovely day
Let's dance, lets sing, lets laze around all day
Getting tanned, bathing in the pool
Water fights, iced pops
Doing anything to keep cool.

It's May, It's May
What a lovely, lovely day
Patients is awarded, as May is upon us once more
Awakened to the natural sound of the birds
Hearts feeling a little lighter
Outdoors becomes more interesting and idealic
And tasks are often kept till later on

It's May, It's May
What a lovely, lovely day
Flower buds have opened
Trees growing, some re-gaining their natural colour
Gra+ss being cut, giving out its natural scent.

It's May, It's May
What a lovely, lovely day
As each day ends, sunset follows on
And what a sight it is too
With its burning colours of beauty
The breeze of a light is soothing
Casting a spell of peacefulness within
Here, experienced, is the magic of MAY!

26th May 2001


© 2001

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I wake up in the morning
With my heart filled with joy
I looked through the window
And felt happier still
The sky was a deep blue with a bright yellow blaze
There was not a cloud to be seen

I open the door
And smell the wonderful scent
Of the sweet green grass
I hear a sound
Of the birds signing
This all makes me feel happy
To be among the beautiful, natural world

I walk down the street
And feel the heat
I'm happy to know that summer's on its way
I see the flowers and trees coming alive
This fills me with so much passion
And makes me look forward still
To the lovely summer that will come our way.

9th March 1998

© 1998

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Waiting Ė yes that's right, waiting
Waiting for something to happen
Something magical, fresh Ė EXCITING!!
For all that fire
Which is dying inside.

Frustration - feeling frustrated and obsessive
Desperately grabbing at every chance.
Each failure helps to hope and fire fade some more
Causing exhaustion inside
An+d everything become continuous, dull.

Watching interests fade
And ambitions lose their cause
One interest still remains
Fighting, fighting - battling against the odds
One interest that offers hope, fire, COMPLETION!

Feeds ambitions and enthusiasm
In future career prospects
Gives hope and high esteem to the soul.
Gives passion - in allowing me to be me.
Des+troys frustration.
In returns gives
Happiness, contentment and SATUSFACTION!


© 2000

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Regrets is when time is too late
Regrets are of memories of bad we have done
Regrets are of loneliness and discontentment
Regrets are of yesterdays, the days we have wasted

So full of emptiness comes the regrets of our past
Time tic+ks and ticks away
But history keeps repeating itself, again and again
I canít stop this happening again and again
Oh why do I make the same mistakes?
That Iíve regretted so many times before

Yesterday I wasted so much time
That time was so valuable
Help me get away
From the regrets that darken my life
That take away my love for others,
And the feelings in return.


© 1996

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I sit waiting
On high hills, over deep green valleys
The warm cosiness is beginning
As the curtain is drawing
The spell is upon me

The Sunset is here
Drawing away all harshfulness, bitterness
Bringing only peace, warmth and love <++br>Warm contented feelings wash over me
Time for happy thoughts vProtection from fear, tense and hatred

The Sunset - where all wishes come true
People get connected by love and friendship
Forever lasting peace
The Sunset is the time when I am free
When I feel like being nice, caring for people
Sunset is the most dearest of all

So every day that passes Iíll forever be waiting
To be under that powerful spell of
The Sunset


© 2000

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For all the good times and the bad
Memories are always there
All the times we regretted
+All the times we were proud
Memories are always there

We may have done wrong
We may have done right
As time goes by
And we go along
Collecting memories
Theyíre always there

Times we wish for once more
Things we wish never happened
F+or special moments
And bad times
Memories are always there

© 1992

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I see the sky so blue
And would you
It matches the sea
Like you and me
What would we do
With no pale blue

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© 1994

ME Just as you see
There are things I do
And my favourite colour is blue
Who else would I rather be
But me

© 1994

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Through the seconds to the years my life flows
Once filled with light
Full of freedom and contentment
Living life, just the way it was
The usual familiar things and people <+br>Feeling the contented excitement, day by day
So far away Ďthose wonderful daysí seem now

In a few minutes that Ďlightí faded
So, far - did it go
Faced with so many strange things
And people I didnít even know
It makes me feel so alone and scared
Where did that contentment go?
I now take each day as it comes
Who cares what happens now
Itís all gone with that Ďevil changeí That took my familiar life away

All night I get thinking of what Iím to do
How do I get my contented feeling back?
When will I feel the bond once more?
Life still goes on and on
Maybe someday Iíll defeat that evil change and be
Contented and familiar again

© 1996

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Sometimes I wish I could drift away
Drift, drift, drift away
F+rom all problems, hassles and fears
Somewhere so - so peaceful
With the country air
The feeling of beauty

I could lie on the grass so green
Below the sky so blue
My own world of freedom
The contented love of life

Away from everything else
Just me and my own thoughts
My+ own thoughts
I love my fantasy
The peaceful feeling of happiness

The cool country air
The country smell, and feeling
What would life be
If now and then, we couldnít just
Drift away



© 1996

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The long, long road
With so many corners
Twisting, twisting
With good and bad, by and by

Life, is one big road
With unexpected changes, corners and ditches
To the end of the road
Then the end of life, by and by
How the times flown away
Down the long long road we have travelled <+br>May we never return

© 1996

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Dreaming of you on a mid summers night
With the gleaming moonlight shining through
Staring at the shining sea
My heart is filled with joy
Oh, I could stay here for ever

Now Iím thinking of you
Your warm touch as you hug me so tenderly
Your words are like a warm blanket from the cold You bathe with me in the sea
And we have so much laughter and delight
Iím so free and happy

Iím now going in the hotel for some wine
And to listen to some soft music
You wanted to come too
To keep me company - you say
You say you love me so much
That you could you could die without my love and passion
Oh I wish these sunny days will never end
As they are so peaceful, beautiful and contented
And I wanna keep my love for you

5 June 98

© 1998

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The Barriers - The People

Here I am - an object
Here they are - the people
Theyíre the obstacles in my way
They are the fires, burning down the trees
The are the people

I feel their eyes staring into me
Watching, waiting - for me to fail, to make mistakes
Judging me, breaking me
+Trapping me in this cage within
Gaining more power, as I get weaker
They are the enemy - the people

On the outside Iím calm
While on the inside - Iím screaming, fighting
Get away, LEAVE ME BE,
Let me be me,
Let my true self fly,

Iím sitting in a room full of the vermin
Feeling edgy, stiff, claustrophobic n trapped
The desire to run gets stronger and stronger
A rush of frustration grows until I'm ready to burst
Polite conversation is tried Ė Ďhatingí every minute of it
Full of paranoia, only seeing false smiles

Getting away is a Ďreliefí
My body relaxes and good posture returns
Iím happy when I am far away from
The Barriers - The People

2nd May 2001

© 2001

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