Knife of Hurt
The Divided Self
The People - How I like to watch n See
Nature's Child
Single Again
The Block
Zaphy's Cage of Frustration
The Hole

Knife of Hurt

No one knows how I feel,
Right now, scattered like orange peel,
Full of so many dreams,
No more, just endless means,

Sitting here with silent cries,
Pictured like stormy skies,
Fear of the unknown,
Just me here, all alone

Threatening to take her away,
As if she were a cat, just a stray,
Looking at me, judging me,
I am anxiously waiting what is to be,

I feel like I'm being ripped apart inside,
Tried so hard to prevent, this is why I lied,
Each morning I awake, it's at me like a knife,
Reminding me that was another life,

I can't help but push my loved ones away,
Like on a wrecked ship, casting them astray,
All I wanted was to be happy,
Yet it always goes wrong, I end up feeling crappy,

Why do I have to feel so much pain?
That leaves me all cast out and lame,
Why so bad does it hurt?
And why do I feel like a piece of dirt?

As I walk along,
I hope for a happier song,
To feel happy and good,
Without leaving others lying in the mud

Evey 11/06/2009

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Divided Self

Inside the body
Sits two demons, differences one cannot see,
Infected by good and evil
One shows content and is civil
The other; full of bitterness, starts endless wars
The fights continues behind closed doors

Inside, pulled in many a direction
Of nothingness and complex emotion
Try to live up to others' desires
Becomes one's internal liar

This constant pull
From excitement all things dull
Brings about both confusion and yet simplicity
But are things really as our eye can see

The constant strive for good
While hungering for blood
Drama fishing, yet peace hunting
The constant divided self - no one will ever win.

Evey 28/07/2014

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Single Again

When a relationship ends
To be single is to grow
To flourish, to rise
Above the highest mountains
To stand on the highest peaks

When a relationship ends
To be single is to know oneself
To connect with oneself
To learn of our faults
Our good points
Our wants, needs and desires

When a relationship ends
To be single for a while
Helps one gain confidence
Helps one gain individuality
Helps one gain independents
Helps one gain true space

When a relationship ends
To be single for a while
Opens the blinds
Lets us see through the window
Helps our minds become clearer
Gives us time and space
For our true essence to blossom


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People - How I like to Watch and See

People - I love to watch them, just to see
How and what they are about, how different they are me
All different, some are tall
Some are most definitely small

How their lives all run on different paths
Each experience different; sorrow, anger, happiness, laughs
How I wonder so, when I am out
Of all the people around, just doing their thing, around and about

Each person's life story could be another book
Linking to other persons with an invisible hook
Is definitely linked to the global spider web, unknown
Regardless of whether they live with people or alone

With some people their inside can be so easily seen
With such different characteristics; some nice, some just plain mean
Oh yes I love to watch and observe people, just to have a little look
To peak into many complicated, unwritten autobiographies, see the book


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Nature's Child

As I walk on and on and on,
I'm conscious that, for so long I was wrong
Oh, for so long I ignored you so,
I stayed in, closed the curtains and became so low,

I forgot how my skin felt rapped around your natural air
And how it felt running with the wind rushing through my hair
You, I stopped paying attention and forgot to see,
You never forgot me so, but for that time you quietly let me be

I now know what I'm going to do,
Nature; I am coming back to you,
In your arms please embrace me once more,
Fill me with vitamin D, serenity, calmness and tranquillity as before.

Evey 11/06/2014

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The Block

A crack across the pathway
Preventing any movement
A wall, another door slammed in the face
A hurdle along the track
Taller, more difficult than before
Frustration, stronger every time
The block is deepening
The block, the bloody block

Crying tears of pained annoyance
Screaming until the eyes are sore
Completely bloody roar
Wailing until the heart can pour no more
And wallowing in dammed self-pity
The block is deepening
The block, the bloody block

Banging the face, time and time again
Going back for more
Thinking this time will be acceptance
Are we sane, are we bloody sane?
Watching them, towering the bricks
With those unseen signs on the door
The block is deepening
The block, the bloody block

That damned book, set on springs
Always turning back the pages
To haunt with the mistakes
The failures that ease their patronising souls
More bricks are laid on
More signs to get rid
More and more frustration
The block is deepening
The block, the bloody block

Seeing things in a distance
Never quite reaching them
Never quite seeing them
Something is preventing me
The block is deepening
The block, the bloody block


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Z's Cage of Frustration

HE is misunderstood in life
Trapped by society
In a personality they only assume
He is caged in thick steal bars of
People assumption
Chances and dreams denied
And disinterest in looking
Beyond the cover

HE is a nice guy
Who is thought of
So wrong
Bin the judgemental eye
And take his hand
Let him learn
Give him the trial and error
He desperately needs

HE wonders
Where people have hidden the key
Will they give it to him?
And unlock the door
Better still - cut through the steal
Bring out those open minded eyes
And what for his real personality
Let his real personality show

HE has so many directions
So many places to get to
So stop the roadworks
And let him get there
Let him be taught
The lessons of life
The lessons of career

HE needs the dreams
And ambitions
To be given a chance
To breathe, to ripe, to flourish


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Boredom, frustration, loneliness
Tis like a big, deep, dark black hole
Within a beauty of nature green
To living creatures, the hole is unseen

This, being no ordinary dark hole
But within, big spiked claws reach out
Grabbing, desperate to pull down its spout
Living creature, try to loosen the grip
Don't let happiness, loveliness and ambition slip
It pulls harder and harder
Conflicting, darkness and light
Don't give in to its bite

It forcing of temptation of falling
Oh creatures keep fighting,
Look for the invisible object, the dream
See it there, feel it within reach
Though it cannot be seen
Keep reaching higher and higher
Give that monster, that vermin a shove
Grab that glove, that glove

The glove full of dreams, ambition
Full joys, harmony, contentment
That, to the creatures will be its mission
Bury the dirt, the monster that evil hole,
With the fire, the warmth of its glow

17th March 2003

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